The whole week, I had two very different verses running through my head – Oh wouldn’t ya, barracuda and If I keep my eyes on Jesus, I can walk on water. The first because I was either catching barracuda or they were breaking my line, and the second, well, some part of that song is about being a fisher of men, and it came to mind every time I thought of how I wanted to catch something other than barracuda. I wanted to catch more of those pretty snapper, which were also super yummy!


We took several pictures of us catching fish before there just didn’t seem to be a need to take more pictures. In other words, Dave caught so many fish, taking pictures of them became monotonous. A few we did take though are below. And not only did my honey catch most of our dinner, he cooked it too! There’s just nothing like fried fish on the grill. Of course, I had to take pictures of that as well.

KeysFishHe cleaned the fish, breaded the fillets and fried them in oil on the grill. Both the snapper and barracuda were good, but if I had to choose one I liked better, it would be snapper. When I told Dave that, he was like, “Duh!” Well I didn’t know.


It was one of many very nice evenings.